PUMA is “Forever Faster”.“Forever Faster” is sports with personality. These statements are the foundation for everything we do as a brand.



“Forever Faster” means to be braver, more confident, more determined, and above all joyful. What “Forever Faster” really aims to convey is the way Usain Bolt lives his life. He could have stuck with his first 100m world record. But he smashed it in 9.63 seconds. Then trained, focused, and ran it in 9.58. Then, being Usain Bolt, he danced his way through a victory lap. We merge product innovation with standout athletes in order to change the game and become the World’s Fastest Sports Brand.

Our Brand Values

The PUMA brand is grounded in four values: brave, confident, determined, and joyful. They motivate us to surpass our potential, and use our knowledge and history in sport to further establish credibility, authenticity, and an appreciation for the games we play.

We are unafraid to take risks.

Whatever we do, we do with conviction.

Nothing comes between us and realizing our dreams.

We live to play the game and we play with heart.

Through “Forever Faster”, we bring consistency to our marketing campaigns, putting a stronger focus on product and product benefits, and often highlighting it within a story about one of our top athletes. Our roster includes the best of the best: Usain Bolt, the World’s Fastest Man, in the IGNITE Disc; track and field star Jenna Prandini in PWRSHAPE training apparel; footballers Olivier Giroud in evoPOWER and Sergio Agüero in evoSPEED; and finally, Rihanna, our Women’s Creative Director and design muse, in her Creeper


Ready for an Extraordinary Sports Year

The year 2016 promises fantastic sporting moments on some of the world’s biggest stages: Copa América and the EURO 2016 in football, and the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Following this sports  calendar, we will launch innovative products throughout the year, starting with a women’s training collection in February, Tricks football boots in April, and our latest from the IGNITE franchise in July. Of course, August is when all eyes turn to Usain Bolt as he aims to seal his place in sporting history and win three more gold medals. With innovation at the forefront of the PUMA brand, we continue our “Forever Faster” journey and the pursuit of faster. Our goal? To forever lead the pack, stay true to our sporting history, and above all, play with heart like only we can.