Regional Development

The currency-adjusted growth in consolidated sales of 6.5% in 2015 is attributable to the positive trend in all regions.

In the EMEA region, sales in the reporting currency, the Euro, improved by 4.3% to €1,258.2 million. The main drivers were the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Poland. Other Eastern European countries, the Middle East and Africa also recorded good performances. The EMEA region achieved currency-adjusted growth of 3.6%. This represented 37.1% of consolidated sales, a decline from the share in the previous year of 40.6%.

In the segments, the Footwear product category recorded a currency-adjusted increase in sales of 5.8% after seeing a decline in 2014. Currency-adjusted apparel sales rose slightly, by 0.6%. Currency-adjusted accessories sales were up by 4.5%.

The gross profit margin in the EMEA region declined from 49.6% in the previous year to 46.9% due to unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations.


In the America region PUMA achieved particularly dynamic growth, with both North and South America contributing to this result. In the reporting currency, the Euro, sales rose by 22.5% to €1,310.8 million. The currency-adjusted sales increase was 8.8%. The America region accounted for 38.7% of consolidated sales (previous year: 36.0%).

Looking at the product categories, both Footwear (currency-adjusted +8.5% over the previous year) and Apparel (+13.2%) turned in very strong performances. In Accessories, a currency-adjusted sales increase of 3.3% was achieved. The gross profit margin in the America region was 41.8% compared to 42.9% in 2014.


Currency-adjusted sales in the Asia/Pacific region rose by 7.6% in the reporting year. China and India, which achieved double-digit growth rates, made the biggest contributions to this performance. In Japan, the continued difficult macroeconomic environment made it difficult to increase sales. Sales both here and in Korea were at approximately the same level as the previous year. Currency-adjusted sales in the Asia/Pacific region rose by 17.5% to € 818.4 million in the reporting currency, the Euro. This represented 24.2% of consolidated sales compared to 23.4% in 2014.

Broken down by product, Footwear was the biggest growth-driver with currency-adjusted sales improving by 16.0%. In Apparel, currency-adjusted sales increased by 5.5%, while Accessories recorded a decline of 10.7%, due mainly to lower sales in Japan.

The gross profit margin in the Asia/Pacific region improved from 47.1% in 2014 to 49.0% in the reporting year.